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CREATING INCREDIBLE (AND DELICIOUS) outdoor cooking moments is central to everything Weber does. A beloved feature of
Australian backyards for over 45 years, Weber has helped create millions of memorable meals.

Last year, Weber launched its all-new Weber Q range which was designed with Australian consumers in mind. Consumer feedback was central to the design process. “We want Aussie consumers to have the best possible cooking experience the very first time they cook on their Weber barbecue, so we build comprehensive recipe and user guides tailored to each range,” said Nicole Parker, Director of Marketing & eCommerce at Weber Barbecues ANZ.

“Our brand is built around flavour and our best-in-class customer service. We know that food tastes better when cooked on a Weber, and to help consumers choose the Weber best suited to them, we have a fully functioning kitchen in every one of our Weber stores, so consumers can ‘grab the tongs’ with a team member and see, smell and taste the flavour of a Weber barbecue for themselves.”

This year, Weber is introducing new cooking styles and methods via a range of new products that will allow consumers to cook a range of exciting meals in ways that hasn’t been possible before.



"Fantastic BBQs, cooks great, easy to use, great accessories."

FEMALE, 18-29, SA/NT

"I and most of my family own a Weber and it never lets us down."


"A trusted, reliable brand delivering quality results every time."

MALE, 30-39, NSW/ACT
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