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WEBER BARBECUES HAVE BEEN A CENTREPIECE of Australian backyards for more than 40 years.

Today, Weber is still guided by the principles of its founder, Ross McDonald, who along with his wife, Joy, held cooking demonstrations in Rundle Mall, Adelaide, in the 1970s, and personally cooked customers’ first meal on their brand-new Weber.

“While we can’t cook for all of our customers in their backyards, we do support them with educational and instructional content, included with their barbecue, to make sure they have the very best result the first time they cook on their new barbecue,” says Daniel Pike, National Marketing Manager ANZ.

Helping and inspiring customers continues in 2023 thanks to technology with Weber’s range of ‘Smart’ barbecues, such as the Weber Genesis and Spirit ranges.

 Weber owners can find recipe inspiration, cooking instructions and step-by-step guides all from their smart phone. They can also control some of the barbecue features from their phone. “Weber barbecues are designed to make the whole barbecue experience simpler and inspire the next delicious creation.”

Like barbecuing, sport should be inclusive and open to all. Weber is helping to support the development of professional women’s sport and help provide a platform to inspire the next generation of female cricketers.



"Great products. Easy to use and clean."

MALE, 30-39, NSW/ACT

"The brand I use and I think is excellent quality."

FEMALE, 30-39, SA/NT

"I have had the best experience with this brand."

FEMALE, 30-39, QLD
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