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Category: Lawn Mowers

EVER SINCE MERVYN VICTOR RICHARDSON tinkered in his Sydney garage with a few scraps of metal, billy cart wheels and a peach tin for a fuel can to produce his first lawn mower prototype, Victa has helped Australian gardeners keep their lawns and gardens looking great. 

For more than 70 years, Victa has continued to innovate, producing mowers such as the Victa 18V Twin Lawn Mower range and the Victa Corvette 18V Starter Self Propelled Mower – both utilising Briggs & Stratton 18V batteries.

And with the recent introduction of Victa’s light weight and compact battery-powered mini handheld range, which includes the 18V pruning saw, 18V mini chainsaw and 18V hedge trimmer and shears, it’s clear to see how Victa continues to be the choice for Australians when it comes to lawn mowers and garden power tools to get the job done. 



"Tough products, reliable, great variety."


"Durable, efficient, powerful, competitive prices."


"Original and the best. Built to last."

MALE, 50-59, VIC/TAS
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