Award: Winner
Category: Stain Removers

VANISH KEEPS THE CONSUMER at the heart of the brand’s values by constantly innovating and improving its
stain-removal formula to help address some of the biggest laundry frustrations and pain points. So it’s hardly surprising that Vanish has won the Trusted Brands Stain Remover category for ten years in a row.

Whether food, starch, greasy or outdoor stains, Vanish combined with its trusted Oxi Action formula helps lift and break down tough stains from your most loved clothes. The range is safe for everyday fabrics (cotton and polycotton), free from chlorine bleach, and provides a deep clean.

Over the past two years, Vanish has also launched a campaign to help tackle textile waste and drive more sustainable clothing behaviours. The campaign #MakeTextileWasteVanish encouraged people to extend the life of their clothes and avoid discarding them with the help of Vanish. As of December 2023, Vanish achieved its goal of helping divert 1 million clothing items from landfill.*

This year the brand looks to continue evolving and driving best-in-class stain removal, even in cold temperatures and short cycles.

*Calculated by the average (based on UPPAREL research) number of items per kilogram of textiles redeemed through UPPAREL’s consumer recycling program via the Vanish promotion from 2022 to 2023. Assuming each redemption weighs average 10kg. Total 9,259 redemptions.



    "Great results in cold water. Cost effective."

    FEMALE, 40-49, VIC/TAS

    "Always performs with great results."

    MALE, 50-59, QLD

    "One brand I could not do without."

    MALE, 50-59, NSW/ACT

    "Works every time."

    FEMALE, 30-39, WA
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