Award: Winner
Category: Sealants & Fillers

‘IF IT’S SELLEYS, IT WORKS’ is the motto the brand has lived by since its founder opened up shop in Sydney in 1939. For more than 80 years, Selleys has been offering high-quality, innovative products that help ordinary Australians achieve results that deliver pride and a feeling of achievement in their home decorating and renovation projects.

Over the past three years, hardware stores across the country saw an influx of everyday Australians trying their hand at DIY for the first time. The success and satisfaction of completing a job is what every DIYer strives towards, but all too often novices end up feeling overwhelmed with their lack of skills and confidence.

Selleys aims to create even easier ways to tackle DIY tasks and continues to innovate with new DIY-friendly tube formats of its award-winning sealants and fillers. This means that everyone, no matter their skill level, can see their project go from task to triumph.



"Best products for a range of uses."

MALE, 30-39, SA/NT

"Versatile and good for any job."


"Never failed me."


"High quality. Easy to apply. Long-lasting."

FEMALE, 40-49, SA/NT
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