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SAMSUNG IS COMMITTED TO DEVELOPING innovative technology that seamlessly blends innovation with design aesthetics to simplify consumers’ everyday lives. Samsung’s Cooking Report, conducted by Nature market research, found that nine in ten Australians are interested in technology in their kitchen that helps with meal planning and deciding on what to cook and buy. This year, Australians will have their aspirations realised when Samsung launches the new AI Family HubTM. The brand new feature ‘AI Vision Inside’ uses an internal camera and can identify up to 33 fresh food items as they enter and leave the fridge. It recognises food items based on an on-device smart food management system which combines food detection and classification models to help identify food items*. Working with the SmartThings app, consumers can manage expiry dates, check what you already have when grocery shopping, and receive personalised recipes based on your preferences and existing ingredients. Samsung technology offers connected living experiences, essentially allowing you to communicate seamlessly from a compatible smartphone to fridge – ultimately making life easier.

*Learning models may be updated periodically to help improve accuracy.


"An innovative brand with a solid reputation."

FEMALE, 40-49, SA/NT

"Good designs and prices."

MALE, 60-69, VIC/TAS

"Great quality products that work well for years."

FEMALE, 60-69, WA

"My Samsung fridge works great and is energy efficient."

FEMALE, 18-29, SA/NT
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