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ACTIVE OUTDOOR PLAY IS CRUCIAL FOR CHILDREN’S HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT, which can result in messy stains on clothing. But OMO believes that every stain is a proud mark of a life fully lived and advocates outdoor play and learning, which benefits children in mental, physical and social development.

OMO provides laundry detergents that have delivered amazing stain removal every time for over 64 years. OMO offers a wide variety of products: OMO Ultimate, with its ability to treat 48-hour dried in stains; OMO Sensitive, which is tough on stains but gentle on skin; and OMO 3-in-1 Capsules, which provide a deep clean and fabric care with a long-lasting fragrance. Recommended by leading machine manufacturers, the capsules have been designed to be thrown directly into the machine drum and work on all machine types

Because OMO recognises that doing the laundry can have a big impact on the environment, it has provided a Sustainable Living Plan on its website to help all Australians change their laundry habits and reduce their impact on the environment, without compromising on a high-performance wash. And with OMO Dilute at Home Refill, you can be tough on stains but help the environment by reducing your plastic use.

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"Effective and simple to use. Cleans my laundry beautifully."


"Always been reliable to keep our clothes bright and clean"

FEMALE, 60-69, WA

"The most effective at removing stains."

MALE, 40-49, NSW/ACT
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