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THE LAUNCH OF NEXGARD marked a pivotal moment for parasite control in dogs. The first of a new generation of products in Australia, and the world’s first chewable monthly paralysis tick prevention product, NexGard provides pet owners with long-lasting control of fleas, ticks and mites. Since the introduction of this next generation of parasite control products, research has shown cases of potentially fatal tick paralysis in Australian dogs have dramatically decreased, highlighting the significant health benefits they bring.

NexGard SPECTRA® marks the next evolution in parasite control, providing the most complete protection against fleas, ticks, mites, intestinal worms and even heartworm, all in one tasty monthly chew. Parasite control has never been so easy for dog owners, or as tasty for their dogs!

In February this year, the brand continued its NexGard SPECTRA ‘Let’s Go’ media campaign, which focuses on the freedom to enjoy life with your dog, whatever you do or wherever you go.

NexGard SPECTRA is a proud national partner of Guide Dogs Australia and provides all Guide Dogs with NexGard SPECTRA for year-round parasite protection, from their eight-week-old pups to their professional working dogs.

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"I know my pets are safe and healthy."

MALE, 30-39, QLD

"Best option and most affordable."


"Perfect protection every time."

FEMALE, 18-29, QLD

"Complete protection from fleas, mites and ticks."

FEMALE, 18-29, SA/NT
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