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ESTABLISHED IN TE AWAMUTU, New Zealand, in 2006, the Mānuka Health collective is committed to crafting the world’s finest Mānuka honey while safeguarding the wellbeing of people, bees and the environment.

Mānuka Health has spent many years discovering the extraordinary properties of Mānuka honey and propolis, and pioneered MGO testing after a groundbreaking discovery found it to be the elusive ‘magic ingredient’ that gives Mānuka honey its myriad of benefits.

Late last year, Mānuka Health launched its new creative direction. “Through visual expression, we shine a light on the pure beauty of our product with close-up film photography,” says Chelsea Drury, Brand Manager.

“Our honey is unique due to where it comes from and the care our master blenders take. The result is the purest, creamiest and smoothest honey in the world.”

The importance of managing the whole honey-making process also can’t be underestimated, and Mānuka Health outperforms key competitors through its expert handling from hive to jar.

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"Quality Manuka honey with high MGO values."


"Healthiest and most environmentally friendly."


"Good quality honey. I trust its purity."

MALE, 50-59, QLD

"Great taste. Great health record."

MALE, 70+, QLD
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