Manuka Health

SINCE IT LAUNCHED IN 2006, Mānuka Health has grown into one of the largest global Mānuka honey companies. Guided by its family values and dedication to outstanding beekeeping and honey making, Mānuka Health is on a mission to Re-Nature for the betterment of people and our planet.

2020 was a year where healthcare took centre stage around the world. Connecting with people to provide support and motivation for their own wellbeing and self-care during this challenging time was a key focus for Mānuka Health, alongside rolling out a new look and advanced traceability programmes to offer even greater customer assurance.

Mānuka Health is inspired by its customers and their unique needs, and is excited to be launching great new products and online initiatives very soon to help people be at their natural best.

For 2021 and beyond, Mānuka Health’s wholehearted commitment is to further progress its journey to become a truly sustainable business across all aspects of its operations and, of course, continue to be an unwavering advocate for the health of bees, people and our shared planet.

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"Without a doubt the tastiest and healthiest brand of them all."

MALE, 70+, QLD

"A great product; many health benefits; have trusted this product for years."

FEMALE, 50-59, QLD

"Achieves a high-quality honey and a very good product foryour health."

MALE, 70+, NSW