WITH MORE THAN 60 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE IN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION, and over 30 years in research and development in solar products, it’s hardly surprising that LG is one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of solar panels.

In the past ten years, LG Solar has sold over 1.2 million solar panels in Australia and is the largest consumer brand operating in the Australian solar landscape. LG’s high performing NeON range solar panels regularly receive high praise by winning prestigious international and local awards, such as the Intersolar Award and EuPD Top Brand Australia Award for five consecutive years. LG Solar provides consumers with peace of mind with its industry-leading 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, which includes parts and labour.

The LG brand and its products offer strength, stability and reliability. LG also has a strong and reliable Australia-wide authorised dealer network.

An LG solar system can last longer than many cheaper solar panels and has technology to generate high rates of energy, which translates into a much stronger long-term financial return.

For more information, visit www.lgenergy.com.au.


"It is a known brand that is reliable and innovative."

MALE, <30, WA

"Better quality solar panels."

MALE, 50-59, VIC/TAS

" They make highly effective products using cutting edge technology."