INSPIRED BY NATURAL GOODNESS, Dilmah tea is single origin, 100% pure Ceylon tea. Founded 70 years ago by Merrill J Fernando, the family business was the first in the world to offer tea that was grown, handpicked and packaged, garden fresh, right from the source. Today, joined by his sons Dilhan and Malik, Dilmah still offers the finest Ceylon tea made in the same traditional, artisanal way as it did over four decades ago.

When it comes to tea, freshness is as important as quality. Fresh tea is richer in flavour, aroma and antioxidants. When tea is not packed shortly after harvesting, the flavour is degraded and the natural antioxidants can be significantly affected.

Fernando’s vision when he established the tea company was to offer consumers the finest tea on Earth, and to do so ethically and with integrity. That pledge is fulfilled in the brand’s commitment to garden fresh, unblended tea of the finest quality and its obligation to humanitarian and environmental initiatives.

As the world’s first ethical tea brand, last year Dilmah took its social responsibility further by increasing funding to the MJF Foundation (the philanthropic arm of Dilmah Ceylon Tea Services that invests long-term in local people) and Dilmah Conservation, which helps protect the environment by addressing issues such as climate change, water scarcity and waste management.

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"Great taste, great quality."


"The best quality and freshest of them all. Excellent."

MALE, 70+, QLD

"The tea is natural and refreshing."