WHEN WE FIRST LAUNCHED DILMAH IN AUSTRALIA IN 1988, it was the first time Australians had tasted fine Ceylon Tea, ethical and garden fresh,” says Dilhan Fernando, son of Dilmah Founder, Merrill J. Fernando.

“My father’s commitment to Single Origin, Garden Fresh, Pure Ceylon Tea is what ensures the taste and natural goodness in our Dilmah Tea. Thirty seven years later we honour that founding commitment without compromise.”

“My father devoted his life to offering his customers the finest tea. When he saw the commoditization in tea in the 1950s, he began his mission to offer fine Ceylon Tea, handpicked, packed fresh at source without blending, to offer the real taste of tea, naturally and ethically. He also pledged kindness to people and nature, and so Dilmah Tea shares its profits with the less fortunate through our MJF Foundation, and with nature through Dilmah Conservation. Every Dilmah customer is a part of the effort we make to serve humanity by changing the lives of thousands every year.”

“We are a family of tea growers and there is no greater honour for us than to share our passion with tea drinkers around the world. Now joined by my brother Malik and I, soon the third generation of the Dilmah family, together with my father we invite tea drinkers around the world, ‘do try it!’”

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"Very rich taste both as a tea bag and leaves."

MALE, 60+, QLD

"Delivers natural tea that tastes great and is environmentally friendly."


"Responsibly sourced from highest quality tea estates."

FEMALE, 18-29, WA