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SINCE ITS HUMBLE BEGINNINGS in 1935, when Dettol Antiseptic Liquid was used as a post-surgery antiseptic skin wash in hospitals, Dettol has evolved to become the trusted brand in germ protection around the home.

Since then Dettol’s germ protection heritage has expanded across a growing portfolio of antibacterial hand wash, household cleaning and hand sanitiser products, to laundry sanitisers.

This year, Dettol will continue to focus on the expansion of its range in areas where germ protection is important and relevant, such as in the laundry or protection from germs when you are out of the house.

Dettol has also made a sustainability pledge* which includes making 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable and to include at least 25% recycled plastic content in its packaging by 2025 where safety and regulations allow.

So far it has made significant steps by launching its first biodegradable and compostable^ wipes in its household cleaning range.

Always read the label. Follow directions for use.

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^ Biodegradable in accelerated active landfill conditions within 60 days and home compost conditions within 12 months under success criteria AS 5810 measured under ISO 14855 (EN13432).

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"Been using it for 60 years, never let me down."


"High quality. Great prices."

FEMALE, 30-39, QLD

"Trusted brand, kills germs, fresh fragrance."

FEMALE, 30-39, QLD

"Effective and reliable."

MALE, 30-39, VIC/TAS
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