SINCE ITS HUMBLE BEGINNINGS IN 1935 when Dettol Antiseptic Liquid was used as a post-surgery antiseptic skin wash in hospitals, Dettol has evolved to become the trusted brand in germ protection around the home.

Now products like the brand new Big & Strong Multipurpose and Bathroom wipes tackle tough messes and help stop the spread of germs. If cleaning cloths or sponges are left damp after use, bacteria can rapidly grow in them. These bacteria can be spread to other objects and surfaces throughout the kitchen, bathroom or wherever the cloths or sponges are subsequently used.

Dettol Big & Strong Multipurpose and Bathroom Cleaning Wipes are bigger and 40% stronger* than Dettol regular wipes, helping you tackle those tough cleaning occasions. Dettol Big & Strong Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes cut through grease and dirt. Dettol Big & Strong Bathroom Cleaning Wipes cut through soap scum and limescale. All Dettol Wipes kill 99.9% of germs**, for trusted Dettol protection.

Dettol Big & Strong Multipurpose and Bathroom Cleaning Wipes are versatile, convenient, and are an effective way to clean tough stains on a range of hard surfaces within your home, leaving a fresh fragrance.

Dettol Big & Strong Household Cleaning Wipes are a handy-to-have solution for Australian households. Which is why Dettol is such a Trusted Brand – and why it is such a well-deserved category winner for the fourth consecutive year.

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*vs. Dettol Multipurpose Wipes Fabric; **E. coli, S. aureus. Always read the label. Use only as directed.

"A brand my mother trusted and my grandmother and that’s good enough for me."

MALE, 55-59, NSW

"It always does the job very effectively."

MALE, 18-24, NSW