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WITH A LONG HISTORY IN nursing and clinical care, Anglicare Southern Queensland’s residential aged care facilities deliver an exceptional standard of service to 900 residents and their families every year. 

The holistic care provided by Anglicare Southern Queensland responds to the diverse needs and choices of each of their residents. Their person-centred philosophy supports autonomy and dignity, and encourages residents to form and strengthen partnerships of care. 

Anglicare Southern Queensland is proud to offer Specialist Dementia Care through the Commonwealth-approved programme, which provides a dedicated, dementia-friendly environment and specialised care for people living with dementia who are impacted by severe behaviours.  

For more than 150 years, Anglicare Southern Queensland has supported Queenslanders with services including aged care, youth support, housing and homelessness support, counselling, children and parenting programmes, and foster care.  “We recognise our resident’s individual stories and are enriched by having them in our lives,” said an Anglicare Southern Queensland Residential Aged Care Staff Member.

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"Caring and reliable."


"The treatment is phenomenal."


"Quality, long-serving brand with a good reputation."

MALE, 50-59, QLD

"My friend is well looked after there."

MALE, 60-69, QLD
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