AUSTRALIA’S LEADING NATURAL SEAWEED complete-garden treatment, Seasol, helps promote healthy strong growth, beautiful brighter blooms and tastier fruit and vegetables. Manufactured in Australia for over 30 years, Seasol’s growing range of plant tonics, fertilisers and water-saving products are designed to help keep both gardens and the planet green and beautiful. And as all gardeners will know, plants need a little help to survive harsh Australian environmental conditions. This is where Seasol steps in.

The Seasol R&D team continually works to develop products that replace or reduce the use of fertilisers and other chemicals. Seasol recently released a range of granular products designed to look after plants and lawns and the soil they’re planted in. Seasol Plant + Soil Booster and Seasol Lawn + Soil Booster are natural pelletised health treatments that are safe to use on all plants, including natives, and all soil types. Packed full of organic ingredients (such as seaweed, natural compost and organic matter), these products look after the garden above and below the ground.

Derived from a blend of the finest brown kelps grown in the world’s cleanest oceans, Seasol liquid concentrate is extracted at a processing plant unique around the world. Seasol kelps are a sustainable source by either storm cast, in the case of the Bull Kelps, or are sustainably harvested, in the case of Knotted Kelps.

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"Great garden products that work and make a difference in your garden."

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"Seasol is an effective product that ticks all the environmental boxes."

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"I’ve always had good success using this product and I have been using it a really long time."

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