Guide Dogs

CHARACTERISED BY THE TRUST AND UNIQUE BOND between a Handler and their Guide Dog, Guide Dogs Australia provides a broad range of services so that people with low vision or blindness can lead independent lives and reach their personal potential.

While best known for the much-loved Labrador in its iconic leather harness, there’s so much more to Guide Dogs Australia than just dogs. The services provided by Guide Dogs organisations across Australia ensure people with low vision or blindness are active and involved members of the community, and able to live the life of their choosing. These services include training in orientation and mobility, assistive technology, specialised children’s services, advocating for access and inclusion, community connection and, of course, iconic Guide Dogs.

As a charity, Guide Dogs Australia relies heavily on the community to help fund these vital services. It takes $50,000 and two years to breed, raise and train just one life-changing Guide Dog.

“Our goal is to provide people with low vision or blindness the opportunity to be agents of their own destiny. We’re grateful for the support of our amazing donors, without whom we could not continue this vital work,” said James Williams, Guide Dogs Australia Chairman.

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"They do what they say, and donations go where they’re needed."


"“A trusted charity."


"They do a magnificent job training these animals which improve lives so much."