Guide Dogs

CHARACTERISED BY THE TRUST AND UNIQUE BOND between a handler and their Guide Dog, Guide Dogs Australia provides a broad range of mobility and orientation services for people who have lost their sight or are vision impaired. ‘Man’s Best Friend’ quietly and confidently helps these people live as normal a life as possible, giving them the freedom to do the things many people take for granted.

Each Guide Dog wears its distinctive leather uniform or harness and undergoes almost two years of intensive training to enable people who have lost their sight to participate in their local community, accessing employment, education and community services.

In 2017, Guide Dogs Australia (GDA) celebrated its 60th anniversary. With 28 Australians being diagnosed with uncorrectable vision loss every day, it is supporting more people to use a range of mobility aids, including independent living aids, access to the latest technologies, low vision clinics and neurological services. Trained orientation and mobility specialists help people with sight loss meet their needs, providing free assessment and individual training services.

Says Dale Cleaver, CEO of Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, “Our goal is to provide clients with the opportunity to be agents of their own destiny.”

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"They do a fantastic job helping thousands of people by making them more independent."


"They provide a wonderful service."


"Providing help and a companion for the blind within Australia."

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