LAST YEAR, BUDGET INTRODUCED DIGITAL CHECK-IN to get you on the road faster. The new feature saves you time by allowing you to enter information online that you would normally be asked at the check-in counter, such as address, phone number and driver’s licence details. Digital Check-in also lets you collect your vehicle with minimal contact with rental staff and other customers – which proved a much-welcomed add-on during the pandemic.

Budget continually aims to be transparent with customers and ensure that they feel secure and supported. It has introduced the Budget Worry-Free Promise – an assurance that it takes safety measures to make your car rental experience safe for everyone. Also new is PhotoProofed™, an innovative product that captures images of the vehicle’s condition before you pick it up and allows you to double check and add your own images.

With border closures still a possibility, Budget has removed cancellation fees from bookings so if circumstances change, you can cancel without incurring any penalties.

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