THE SOLE PURPOSE FOR WEBER is not simply to manufacture barbecues, it is to make the very best barbecues in the world. It prides itself on providing the best experience for its customers from the very first time they turn on their Weber. With a focus on making sure customers create incredible meals, memories and experiences for family and friends in their backyards, Weber has built a firm reputation in the hearts and minds of Australian families.

When customers buy a Weber barbecue, they receive an instructional handbook and videos which offer mouth-watering recipes designed to be cooked on their Weber. The dedicated customer service team know the product range intimately, and will leave no stone unturned to assist a customer with any enquiry.

Upping the ante, Weber recently introduced its Weber Connect Smart Barbecue Hub, which is a Bluetooth and WiFi enabled cooking assistant, making barbecuing even simpler and ensuring customers create great meals every time. Simply download the Weber Connect app on your smartphone to access the cooking assistant, which steps you through cooking your meal: from prepping the ingredients, barbecue set up, monitoring temperature, when to flip, right through to when to serve. Think of it as having your own personal barbecue master by your side every step of the way.

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"I have had a Weber for over ten years now and it’s never let me down."

MALE, 70+, VIC

"Best quality, timeless, always makes a good meal."

MALE, 30-39, NSW

"“Cooks my meat to perfection every time."

FEMALE, 50-59, QLD