THE CUSTOMER IS EVERYTHING AT WEBER. And ensuring customers create the most incredible meals on their Weber barbecue is just one of the ways the barbecue kings focus their time and energy. Weber recently released a new range of products to help guide consumers to make the barbecuing process simple and mouth-watering. Weber Connect Smart Barbecue Hub is a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled cooking assistant that provides step-by-step instructions. From prep to set-up, when to flip and when to serve are all dished up on your smartphone or tablet via the Weber Connect app, giving Aussies the confidence to make delicious meals simply. Weber Connect is also embedded into some Weber barbecues, transforming the barbecue device into an outdoor guided cooking masterpiece and helping ensure incredible results every time!

The Weber brand was built on flavour, and watching people’s expressions change when they first try food cooked on a Weber barbecue is its reward. This customer-centric mindset evident today started back in 1978 when Ross McDonald started selling and demonstrating Weber barbecues in Adelaide. When a customer bought a barbecue, Ross would deliver it personally and show them how to create incredible meals on their new Weber.

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