SINCE LAUNCHING ITS AUDIOLOGY DIVISION IN 2018, Specsavers Audiology has seen exponential growth. Considered to be one of the fastest-growing audiology businesses in the country, to date more than one million Australians have had their hearing screened at one of the more than 250 Specsavers Audiology stores.

As with its optical stores, Specsavers Audiology likes to keep things simple by providing what we’ve come to expect from Specsavers: great customer service, exceptional product quality, and an affordable and a transparent pricing model.

Since all its audiology businesses are located within a Specsavers optical store, Specsavers Audiology has been able to introduce its hearing services to a brand-new audience – existing Specsavers customers who’ve never before encountered audiology.

In stores that offer both optometry and audiology services, every optometry customer over the age of 50 has a hearing screen as part of their pre-testing before an appointment, giving many Australians the opportunity to start on their journey to better hearing awareness and health.


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"Excellent product and great customer service."


"They know how to provide quality."


"Great friendly service with the latest machines."

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