DELIVERING STATE-OF-THE-ART appliances since 1934, and originating in New Zealand, Fisher & Paykel has since grown into a global company, selling home appliances in more than 50 countries.

Today, through a culture of innovation and curiosity, Fisher & Paykel produces high-quality products that enrich people’s lives, such as the Steam Care function in selected washers and dryers launched last year.

Steam Care brings exceptional levels of fabric care and convenience to daily laundry routines, while saving water and reducing wear on your favourite garments compared to a full wash cycle. Steam Refresh, a quick, stand-alone 20-minute cycle, brings lightly worn clothes back to life by deodorising and dewrinkling garments, leaving them clean, smelling fresh and ready to wear in minutes. Because steam care uses lower temperatures and minimal water, it is suitable for almost any fabric type – from delicate silks and activewear, through to cotton, linen and blends. Fisher & Paykel’s Steam Care is kind on your clothes, and gentle on the environment.

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"Reliable, easy-to-use products that also look stylish."

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"Most reliable and trusted brand."

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"Innovative brand, very sturdy and long-lasting, very good quality."