THE NO.1 LOW CALORIE SWEETENER IN AUSTRALIA, Equal is recognised for having the best taste. It has the highest loyalty among sweetener shoppers*. Equal is a great choice for people who want to cut back on sugar and calories – whether to manage weight or control a medical condition – and still enjoy the great sweet taste they crave. It has a sugar-like taste and a wide range to cater for an array of consumer needs, from on-thego sachets for sprinkling on cereals and smoothies, convenient tablets for hot and cold beverages to an easy-to-scoop jar perfect as a kitchen staple.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 period, people stayed at home more frequently and were reacquainted with the pleasures of baking at home. And so Equal launched the first-ever low-calorie sweetener especially crafted for baking. Equal Baker’s Bliss caster sugar replacement (250g) is a great-tasting, low-calorie sweetener created for baking, to enjoy all the sweetness in baked goods without all the calories of sugar.

Its features include:

✓Especially designed for baking
✓ 100% sugar free
✓ Only 2.2 calories per serve
✓ 1 for 1 cup replacement vs sugar
✓ Bakes just like sugar!
✓ Keto friendly
✓ Diabetic friendly
✓ Gluten Free
Available at Woolworths.

For more information, visit www.equalchoice.com.au.

* IRI 2020

"It is the one that I have used for years and it provides quality taste with no bitter aftertaste."

FEMALE, 60-69, QLD

"A healthy choice for cooking or drinks rather than using sugar."

MALE, 50-59, NSW

"I use Equal every day and I love it."