ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE YEARS AGO, 65 stakeholders, many of them dairy farmers from the NSW Illawarra region, came together to form a cooperative.

“Dairy Farmers has an admirable history of producing products that have been nourishing Australians since 1900,” says Darryn Wallace, Executive General Manager Bega Beverages. “For this iconic Australian brand to be named one of Australia’s most trusted is a fantastic accolade and great recognition of the quality products that have been home in Australian family fridges for generations.”

To help the farming community meet the many challenges of working on the land, including continuing to raise healthy cows that provide highquality milk, Dairy Farmers offers guidance in many aspects of their business, such as animal welfare, farm safety and personal wellbeing. They also provide tools to help farmers manage water and energy use, develop more sustainable practices and identify where savings can be made.

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"Australian made and owned."

FEMALE, 30-39, NSW

"Best quality milk in Australia."

FEMALE, 40-49, NSW

"It is a local company that gives back to the community."