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BOSCH CONTINUES TO SET THE STANDARD for laundry excellence with the latest on-trend graphite-grey matching appliance range. Designed to make laundry effortless and efficient, the new offerings feature the latest technology tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern households.

Laundry appliances from Bosch incorporate a range of features aimed at simplifying your laundry routine. From the i-DOS automatic detergent dispensing system, that ensures precise detergent and water usage, to the Quick Wash 15-minute program for rapid results, Bosch’s goal is to make laundry a breeze.

“Our economical heat pump dryers boast AutoDry technology, which senses moisture levels to achieve your preferred dryness level while protecting your garments from high temperatures and over-drying,” said Jessica Deuscher, Head of Brand. “With the Self-Cleaning Condenser technology, maintenance is hassle-free, while new innovations, such as reverse tumble drying for bed sheets and a new half-load drying program, provide increased flexibility.”

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Disclaimer: Features vary by model; refer to individual product specifications for details.


"Have had a great run with my Bosch appliances. Strong and hardworking. Has a good reputation."

FEMALE, 60-69, QLD

"Products perform well time after time."


"They just work. Simple as that."

MALE, 40-49, QLD
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