ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED GARDENING TOOLS that are light and compact is a top priority for Trusted Brands Garden Power Tools winner Bosch. And with its extensive DIY 18V battery ‘Power for All’ cordless tool range, you can effortlessly switch between gardening tasks with a single long-lasting power source to easily complete gardening jobs without interruption.

A great example of this is its hedge-cutting range. The Bosch-designed Anti-Blocking System built into each tool changes the running direction of the blades when met with resistance to provide excellent conditions for clean, powerful and continuous cuts without frustrating setbacks such as stalling.

This year, Bosch has expanded its 18V cordless range of power tools for an even broader application of tasks, including grass and hedge shears. And in the 36V cordless category, Bosch has launched its EasyRotak 36V and AdvancedRotak 36V batterypowered lawnmowers – which have all the stamina of a heavy-duty, fuel-powered lawnmower with a quarter of the noise. Built with a sleek, compact design, the mowers can be easily folded and stored in small spaces but can handle the largest Australian backyards in a single charge of the removable battery.

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