IF YOU LOVE EASY OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING, a great barbecue is essential. With functional and stylish designs, BeefEater barbecues are not only durable, they’ll help you cook up a storm. With its sleek stainless steel design and uncompromising power, the BeefEater range of Signature Proline outdoor BBQ kitchens offers an array of premium features, such as the multi-purpose cast iron finishings, powerful side burner and superior oil management system – everything you may want in a family barbecue and more. But if you don’t have the space for an outdoor kitchen, then a BeefEater built-in barbecue, freestanding barbecue, or a handy mobile barbecue will also help you serve up a delicious meal.

When it first began trading in 1985, BeefEater quickly established itself as a household name in Australia, synonymous with top quality barbecues and barbecue products. Today, BeefEater celebrates the diversity of Australia’s culture and the food we create and eat, by bringing people together outdoors. For a variety of cultural dishes you can try on your barbecue, check out the recipes on the BeefEater website.

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"Great Aussie barbecue. Works like a charm!"

MALE, 18-29, VIC/TAS

"“Fantastic durable and reliable product."


"A good barbecue. Cooks great and easy to clean."