BE HEARING HEALTHY WITH AUDIKA. Part of a global network with over 100 years of hearing expertise, Audika provides life-changing hearing health solutions across Australia.

Operating in more than 400 clinics across every state and territory, including many regional locations, Audika’s team of qualified clinicians help people to hear better so they can connect and communicate with the world around them.

Audika is committed to delivering the best possible hearing health outcomes for each of its clients. Its team of clinicians assess an individual’s circumstances, level of hearing loss and lifestyle goals in order to deliver tailored solutions, because there is no ‘one size fits all’ in hearing health care.

In addition, the Audika Specialist Referral Network, a partnership of Audiologists, Audiometrists, Ear Nose and Throat Surgeons and Implant Clinics, leads the provision of comprehensive hearing health care for adults by including cochlear and bone conduction hearing solutions.

Audika’s experts understand that living with hearing loss can be challenging. Hearing loss can lead to social withdrawal and lower self-esteem. Audika encourages booking an appointment with your local clinic if early signs of hearing loss become apparent to discuss a management plan.

For more information, visit www.audika.com.au


"I’ve been going to them for years for my hearing."

MALE, 50-59, VIC

"Used them a number of timesfor hearing checks and will use again."

MALE, 70+, VIC

"Sat in on a consultation and found them very thorough, and knowledgeable, someone you could trust."

FEMALE, 60-69, NSW