AUSTRALIANS HAVE KNOWN AND LOVED every facet of the Vegemite brand for almost a century: from the red diamond on the label, to the yummy black stuff inside the jar, and that iconic line ‘puts a rose in every cheek’.

This year, Vegemite is excited to launch Gluten Free Vegemite. With the same great taste but gluten free, now all Aussies can enjoy their favourite black spread. Other exciting news from the world of Vegemite include its partnership with Arnott’s to create Vegemite Shapes, the creation of the (Ash) Barty Army cheer squad that dazzled tennis crowds in their Vegemite T-shirts at the Australian Open, and the opening of an online store to sell ridgey-didge Vegemite merchandise.

But the biggest impact Vegemite has made on Australians recently was launching the playful ‘Tastes Like Australia’ advertising campaign. The ‘a little weird, a whole lot wonderful’ campaign has been such a success that Vegemite has been nominated for yet another award. And this time, the ultimate Aussie tribute for excellence – a little Logie statue.

There’s not much that’s more uniquely Aussie than Vegemite and that’s one of the things that we love most about it.

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"It just says Australia to me."


"It’s part of our culture and tastes so good."


"It’s been one of my favourite foods since childhood and I raised my kids on it. I can’t imagine life without Vegemite."