FOR MORE THAN NINE DECADES the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) has provided emergency medical and primary health care services to the bush. Australia is a vast continent of more than 7.69 million square kilometres, with two thirds of our population living in heavily populated areas on the coastline. For those that live in sparsely populated rural and remote areas, health service access can be a problem.

Thousands of Australians that live, work and travel in rural and remote Australia rely on the RFDS for emergency medical and primary health care services. Over the decades the not-for-profit has continually evolved and adjusted health services to fit the needs of rural and remote communities. With new innovative technologies the RFDS works 24/7 to achieve better health outcomes for its patients, including managing chronic health conditions, providing continuity of care, and health services that are appropriate to the customs, ethnicities and local needs.

Recently the RFDS launched a new national podcast series called ‘The Flying Doctor’. This series gives a glimpse into the lives of some amazing individuals, gives insight into the challenges that exist for those that live in the bush, and the role the RFDS plays in servicing those communities.

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"I have had to use their services ... they are a real lifeline in the country/ outback."

FEMALE, 60-69, SA

"A hard job over a very large area and they do an excellent job."


"A terrific service for those people living in remote areas."

MALE, 60-69, QLD