SCOTTS OSMOCOTE IS A LONG-ESTABLISHED BRAND of garden care products that are trusted by professional growers and home gardeners alike. At Scotts Osmocote, we’re plant people. We create products that are easy to use and take all the guesswork out of growing so that you can achieve the results you deserve.

Our philosophy is simple: when you start with the best, you’ll bring out the best in all that you grow. Scotts Osmocote has the right products for every growing occasion, whether you are growing show-stopping roses, juicy citrus or an indoor plant jungle.

Scotts Osmocote Premium Potting Mixes contain sustainably sourced materials, 50 years of horticultural expertise and just the right amount of nutrients for your plants, while Scotts Osmocote Controlled Release Fertiliser is still the most advanced on the market, with technology that only feeds your plants when they need it most. We’re constantly on the lookout for solutions to make your growing journey easy, which has led to the development of the Scotts Osmocote for Indoor Plants range. This range has taken all the hard work out of feeding indoor plants with products that don’t require any mixing or mess – they are odourless, non-staining and perfect for use indoors!

So, no matter if you have a glowing green thumb or are just starting your growing journey, grow with Scotts Osmocote.

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"Reputable and effective."

FEMALE, 30-39, SA/NT

"Great fertiliser and kind to the world."


"A quality product that works as described."

MALE, 60+, SA/NT