MULTI-AWARD-WINNING BRAND KENWOOD lives and breathes the cooking journey with consumers to improve their experience in their kitchen and make life easier. A Kenwood kitchen appliance has an intrinsic, timeless elegance coupled with a uniquely intuitive operation. Renowned for its good looks as well as for quality and durability, Kenwood is a trusted favourite in Australian homes.

At Kenwood, the main priority is to create a kitchen space where consumers feel comfortable and inspired. With a Kenwood in your kitchen, you can be sure to create both delicious recipes and treasured memories. Kenwood appliances are made from the safest materials to ensure they serve you and your family for generations to come, and may just be the most rewarding and enjoyable kitchen appliance investment you will ever make.

For more information, visit www.kenwoodworld.com/en-au.


"A longstanding brand with proven longevity."


"Amazing brand with an excellent reputation."

MALE, 50-59, NSW/ACT

"Kenwood is an excellent brand. Lasts for years if well looked after."