LAST YEAR, BAND-AID CELEBRATED its 100th anniversary, and more importantly, a century of healing. Since 1920, Band- Aid has been at the forefront of innovation, striving to provide advanced woundhealing technologies that both protect wounds and promote faster healing.

Band-Aid is proud of its long-standing heritage of supporting Australians to get back up on their feet after a mishap. Band-Aid’s innovative wound technology and comfortable designs have helped us get better faster. Take, for example, Band-Aid’s Advanced Healing range. Harnessing hydrocolloid technology, it restores the natural moisture balance of your skin to heal your wounds faster than an ordinary plaster.

This year, Band-Aid is proud of its partnership with the inspirational charity Camp Quality (CQ), which supports children and their families impacted by cancer. Co-creating a range of kids Band-Aids, their joint mission is to bring fun and laughter to kids. Band-Aid also helps with funding of CQ family camps and is driving awareness of the incredible work done by the charity.

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